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Here you find top news to our E-Cards.

Cosy and colorful through Autumn

Autumn is there! But it gives no reason to be sad, because we can have also a lot of magical moments in this time of year. To read a book with a cup of tee, light up the candles and watch favourite movie under the blanket, to walk with kids in the forest or to try new bake recipe - everybody has his own favourite autumn moments.
Unfortunatly it's very often cool and wet in Autumn - so easy to get a cold. Is somebody sick? It can also quickly become healthy! With our E-Card "Greeting Card get well soon". This funny Card can cheer ailing and sad people. Head high and keep well!

Your best summer Impressions

We will definitely not forget this summer: sun, heat, dryness. We hope, you enjoied the weather on the beach and had a lot of unforgetable moments this summer.

Do you want to share your best summer memories with your dear friends and family? With help of our Foto E-cards it will be easy and funny. Use for example "E-card with polka musik for general greetings".

Search a great foto, write a little story and send a card! We wish you a lot of fun!

FIFA World Cup 2018

Feeling of union, happiness and tension is in the air. Also if you are not a futball fan, you can not detract this magic of World Cup. The whole world is like one stadium - we are together and we will to win!

Dear friends, use this exciting time to send one of our E-Cards to your fiends!

For barbeque party or public viewing - the E-Card "Rock Band" will be definitely a perfect invitation.

Have a lot of fun by FIFA World Cup 2018!

With Spring direction Easter

The Highlight of Spring - Easter - is coming soon! This year we celebrate it from 30 of March till 2 of April!

Give pleasure is always an issue, which is capitalized even at Easter. Joy can by simply saying "I was thinking of you" are expressed. This works particularly well with a sweet Easter greetings e-card.

You can prepare your Easter E-Cards now and set the sending time for later. Explore one of the best fine arts greeting cards collection and make your family and friends happy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

We wish you all the best for 2018!

We are very thankful, that's you choosed our E-Cards and make your friends and family members happy with help of our service. Happy New Year!

Santa's Riddle

On the 6th of December comes St.Nicholas and brings presents!

Watch our new E-Card and try to find right answer for a Riddle. St. Nicholas wants to know the year of birth of his first reindeer.

3625 1458 2167 (729)

5818 3642 2176 ( ? )

Send us your answer till 01.12.2017 and may be you will get a present! With our randomgenerator we choose 10 Winners, who will get 1 year free acsess to our Animated E-Cards!

Here is the Santas Riddle

Send us your answer here.

Good Luck!

Christmas is closer every day...

Already in November starts the most beautiful Time of the year, with candels, flavorful cakes and misterious Xmas stories.

Make you ready for the celebrations days! It's especially nice to send E-Cards to your lovely family and friends on St.Nicholas, Christmas and New Year Eve!

Our wonderfull collection of lovely Christmas E-Cards is waiting for you hier!

Autumn Mood

The days are schorter and the air is cooler again. Autumn is coming.

But you schould not worry, our dear Friends! Every Time of the year has a lot of wonderful moments. Orange Pumpkin, colorful foliage, brown conkers and oaks - autumn has a lot of faces. We can find them in Parks, Forests, on Market or in our own Garden! Gather your own collection and do handmade decorations for your Flat or your House!

If it's rainy, you can do a lot of good things at home. For example, it's a perfect time to light a candle, seat under the blanket, drink a tee and read your favourite book. You can also use this time for speaking with your Family and Friends, whom you are missing so much: call, skype with them or send a beautiful E-Card with the warmest Greetings.