Christmas greeting e-cards animated

Christmas greeting e-cards animated

data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Blue Village Wintereve 2023_thumb_0.jpg Blue Village This is a message from Santa Claus: time to think about your wish lists and Christmas mail!... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Magical Santa Hat 2023_thumb_0.jpg Magical Santa Hat Santa Claus is a symbolic figure who embodies the spirit of generosity, kindness and joy. Its invisibility in the real world adds to the imagination and joy of the celebrations. ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Nikolaus Adventstanz 2023_thumb_0.jpg The Santa Claus dance warms not only the hut, but also hearts and amuses minds - a magical moment by the fireplace that brings the magic of the Christmas season to life in a funny way.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Advent-2-2023_thumb_0.jpg Fireplace Magic Only when Christmas is in your heart is Christmas in the air. The more joy we give to other people, the more joy returns to our own hearts.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Winterwalk2022_thumb_0.png A Walk on snowy Paths Santa Claus and his companions are again on snowy paths and meet a snowman... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Nikolaus 2020 Kitzjagd_thumb_0.png Deer mountain hunting Für Frieden an Weihnachten unter den Waldbewohnern erfüllt der Nikolaus die Umgebung mit etwas weihnachtlicher Magie.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Santa Deer and Duck 2017_thumb_0.jpg Santa is on his way! And he is coming with his funny friends.This joyous E-Card is a perfect congratulation for St. Nicholas Day!... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/SantasToysParadise_thumb_0.jpg Cute Christmas greeting card with Christmas market scene, singing and sleigh ride.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Santa und Adler 2022_thumb_0.png The lost Gift Auch zum Jahreswechsel eine schöne Karte um mit den Rentieren über Wolken zu schweben - welch schöne Vorstellung! Dennoch passiert dem Nikolaus ein kleines Missgeschick und er braucht Hilfe vom König der Lüfte.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/2019 Niko und Drache_thumb_0.png Santa and the little Dregon Für eine spezielle, erwärmende Stimmung sorgt ein heimlicher Begleiter des Nikolaus. Und nicht nur die Herzen tauen auf!... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Christmas-Ice-Dancer 2020_thumb_0.jpg The Ice Dancer Eine Schlittenfahrt zu Weihnachten mit romantischer Tanzeinlage auf dem Eis erfreut nicht nur den Schneemann, sowie die Tänzer, auch die Waschbären haben ihren Spaß. Und am Schluss hält Nikolaus eine einfühlsame, wie auch eindringliche Rede.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Advents-Ecard-Schneetanz-2016_thumb_0.jpg advent-ecard-snowdance Adventstime is time to have some snow. And even if it is not enough snow to be active in the snow - with this card you bring the snow adventure directly to the receiver. Funny advent card with dog, snowman and advent wreathClick on the candles to match the appropriate ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Santa Lord of the Dance_thumb_0.jpg Santa Lord of the Dance Create Christmas feelings with the dancing Santa Claus. Perfect ecard for the whole christmastime.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/christmas_cats_2015_thumb_0.jpg Christmas-Cats If love and desire... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachts- und Neujahrsgruesse Katzenjagd_thumb_0.jpg Cat Hunting Beautiful Christmas gr... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachten-2022-Frosty-Katie-Baer_thumb_0.jpg Christmas-Ecard-2022 Fast Friendship Lovely christmas card which shows the good things about real friendship. Ideal card for your christmas and winter greetings.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/NikolausPost2022_thumb_0.png Santas Letters Santa Claus has his hands full again this year. There were mountains of sacks of mail. But Santa can do it all in no time!... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weisse Weihnachten_thumb_0.jpg White Christmas - Santa Claus E-Card This beautiful Santa Claus Greeting Card brings everyone into the Christmas spirit. With this e-card you could send well all your wishes for Christmas and Santa Claus. Bring the Christ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachtskarte - Schneemann_thumb_0.jpg Greeting card christmas snowman - animated Help the cute kittens at snowmen and decorate the Christmas tree together. Great interactive Christmas greeting card for festive mood for Christmas. Music: Twelve Days Of Christmas / Popular Folk Song... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachtskarte - Nikolaus in Noeten_thumb_0.jpg Christmas Card - Santa Claus in trouble - Greeting Cards Santa Claus is just a man. And his job is hard. If it makes even his team problems, Santa Claus needs help. Help the Santa Claus and his reindeer in the stressful holiday season.Have fun with our interactive greeting card. With music by M. Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky P.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachtskarte - Nikolaus auf dem Dach_thumb_0.jpg Christmas Card - Santa on the roof Here he is: Santa Claus. And when the boot is ready, the thick squeezes down the chimney St. Nicholas to fill it. But the pet wants to defend his territory. Cute and funny. This Christmas e-card can be mailed to Santa Claus and Christmas. Music: Sound-Mix / Music Loop... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachtskarte - Krippe_thumb_0.jpg Christmas E-Card - Bethlehem Story Help when the accommodation must be cleaned up, because after all, a child is born.Parts of this joyous event with the animated Christmas greeting card online with good friends. Appreciate traditional Christmas card with Nativity in Bethlehem in the steel. Music: Sound-Mix / Music Loop... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachtsgrusskarte - Glatteis_thumb_0.jpg Christmas E-Card - Santa Claus on smooth ice Even Santa needs a break. Would be relaxed for a few rounds of skating. But wait, who's that? For all fans of vertigo Christmas Santa Claus dances zigzagging until he falls to his nose. Funny Christmas greeting card for all ages. Performed on ice's ...Music: Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson as a midi version ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachtsbiker2_thumb_0.jpg E-Card: Christmas Biker2 PS have been well received not only at Christmas. On snowy slopes of the Santa rocks at the visit. He moves past beautiful landscapes. For all who love freedom on the bike. Take the animated greeting cards Motorcycle to the receiver. The bike comes with lively Christmas music, therefore, just great.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachts-Grusskarte: Glueckliche Heimkehr_thumb_0.jpg Christmas e-card: happy homecoming Worn out felt the boy with his little dog into snow. It's cold, dark and windy. The boy freezes so much. He cuddles up to his little dog, so he would not freeze to death. The boy begins to fall asleep when suddenly Santa Claus stands in front of him. Santa Claus takes the boy along with the dog out into the snow to get in... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachts- und Neujahrsgruesse 2014_thumb_0.jpg A little peace Send a little bit of peace to the recipient. Share our nice chritmas story with these cute animals and create a lot of fun.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachten-Silvester2014-15Roofdance_thumb_0.jpg Roof-Dance Good mood spread our Santa Claus at Christmas. Dancing through Christmas until New Years Eve - all the days are hard. With this moving greeting card you send Christmas high spirits and a Happy New Year.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachten mit Paulchen und Molly_thumb_0.jpg Xmas with catdog- animated greeting ecard Beautiful Christmas greeting card. Love and harmony are lying in the air if one looks at the cute dogs romping. The love between animals can soften the heart. The classic Christmas music underscores the loving mood. Merry Christmas! Music: Deck the halls / Popular Folk Song ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Weihnachtsmann-Grusskarte: Der Wunschzettel_thumb_0.jpg Christmas e-card: the wishlist Santa Claus Greeting Card: The Wish List At the present time is the Christmas man is not safe from the allure of YouTube. Only he can his elf will be aware of his mission again: to fulfill the wish list. The e-card to point to his humorous Verwandeten, acquaintances and loved ones on a Christmas gift request. Help the Santa Claus on his mission so ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Nikolausgrusskarte2014Basislager_thumb_0.jpg Santa Claus Greetingcard Incident at base camp Watch how Santa Claus goes on tour with his reindeers. This ecard remind us to be happy all the year, because santa claus is watching you.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Internationale Weihnachtsgruesse_thumb_0.jpg International X-mas Greetings Everyone feels addressed with these Christmas greetings in many languages.The Christmas card for global users. Connectes with the whole world with one christmas ecard, smart. Beautiful Christmas E-card for every taste - just perfect and so lovely.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Weihnachten/Advents-E-card Rennschlitten SantaRacing_thumb_0.jpg Advent-E-card Santa Racing Enjoy the winter Advent atmosphere. The Christmas background music provides anticipation for Christmas in the Advent season! This ecard shows that modernity is not always the best. Sometimes today's technology raises questions. At least with our reindeer. Look at how the Santa Claus goes with the reindeer on tour.... mehr... | Preview

Christmas greeting cards and e-cards

Christmas and Advent season is for most people the most reflective time of year.
If it's cold and dark, the more one looks forward to a warm snug home with pleasant or romantic candle-light. One longs for love and security. The smell of sweet, warm cookies and hot chocolate round out the cozy Christmas. Christmas is for many people, but also stress.

Besides the whole time which is applied to gifts to buy or prepare a celebration, too often we think of those people who live in the distance, or even to those who are not doing so well. Christmas is the time to say thank you.

It may not always be a great gift. Just the little things make life into something very special. Send a loving e-card and spread love and joy that Christmas is just too important for us humans.

More on the origins and history of Christmas here.